Thank You for an Amazing 8 Years!

The last eight years has been truly amazing and fulfilling for us! We could not have done the things we did without an amazing network of family and friends who donated their time, money and gave us unending moral support. We helped over 3,000 children in communities across Nigeria, we rebuilt and remodelled classrooms in 3 different schools and we were able to do it because of the ~$70,000 that we received in financial contributions over the last 8 years!

This is why our next move as a team is a tough one. The challenge of balancing increasingly busy personal lives with the effort required to do what we do as a 100% volunteer-run organization has led us to make the difficult decision to cease operations. The decision was difficult, but necessary - - - we truly believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We appreciate the support we’ve received over the years; that support is what pushed us to do more and more every year.

We know you will have questions, so we hope our 2015/2016 Annual Report will answer some of those questions including our intentions for the funds that remain from past activities. Should you have other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We want to thank every individual, church and organization that has supported and donated, you have truly made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children. We encourage you to support other causes that seek to provide educational assistance to underprivileged children across the globe. As individuals (as BEAMers) we will continue to do the same because we truly believe #EducationMatters.